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My name is Jamie-Lee and I am the proud owner of Teeze Cakes.

After making my brothers wedding cake eight years ago, an obsession in cake and sugar art led me to envision my own range of cakes and desserts that you see in Teeze Cakes today.

Specialising in mini cupcakes, desserts, and celebration cakes. My passion can be seen and tasted in every delicious bite.

Each recipe is hand crafted with knowledge and experience I’ve acquired from the best cake artists in the world and from years of experience as a qualified chef.

I’m very thankful to our loyal customers and looking forward to creating more new and exciting cakes and desserts for you all to enjoy… xx

Live, Laugh and Eat Cake!

Jamie-Lee xx




Cakes are not just dessert. Cakes are what bring family and friends together, creating smiles, laughter and happiness. 

Cake is celebrating those special life moments big and small.
Cake is when-- *
*your baby blows out their first candle
*your children grow up and say I do
*you learn how to crack your first egg in Grandmas kitchen.
*you want to catch up with your besties for morning or afternoon tea.
*you get a surprise smoko at work because you deserve it.
*you celebrate your 21st Birthday
*you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary
*you say I love you on valentines day. 
*you want to bring dessert to a weekend BBQ.
*you want to say Thank you!


We’re here to inspire Aussies to celebrate life's special moments big and small!



We create delicious hand made and decorated cakes that taste as good as they look! Every celebration deserves a cake and we're here to help!



At Teeze Cakes we want to celebrate with you! We want all your celebrations big and small turn into the best moments of your life.